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To survive and thrive, our ancestors (1) hunted and fought, (2) worshipped and created, and (3) loved and cooperated.  For eons, man’s existence depended on these actions for survival.  As a result, man evolved to feel incredible satisfaction from such actions. 


When he hunted or fought,

he felt Vigor

Image by Simon Wilkes

When he created or worshipped,

he felt Wonder


When he loved or cooperated,
he felt Fellowship

This ancient equation of “do this” and “feel that” eventually baked itself into our genetic code – the same code we possess today.  As a result, to feel the satisfaction our ancestors’ felt, we need to put down the phone and do (or at least mimic) what they did.   



Instead of spearing mammoths, we can lift weights or run hills



Instead of ritual sacrifice, we can light a candle and read a dangerous book


Instead of marching to war, we can gather with friends

When we do things that invite more Vigor, Wonder, and Fellowship into our lives, we awaken the barbarian inside, ease our modern discontent, and begin to flourish as human beings – just as nature intended.

To flourish as human beings, we must become less modern and more ancient


You are not a tool for production

Nor a means for profit 

Nor a pawn for government

Nor a drain for consumption

You are flesh and blood

You are free and wild

You are not a means to an end

You are the end

Just as we need food, water, and shelter to survive,

We need Vigor, Wonder, and Fellowship to thrive

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